Clear phases and decision points

The foundations for a successful project and a facility that meets all the customer's requirements are laid during the work to map requirements and stipulations. At this stage we look at the needs and all relevant factors: is the new installation to fit into existing premises, what are the applicable dimensions, adaptation to existing machinery, staffing, etc. All this forms the basis of a well-planned quote and our agreement with the customer.

Preliminary study/Analysis

If the new installation is to be fitted into existing premises, we begin by measuring the premises and working out how the new equipment will fit with the existing equipment. A drawing of the facility is then prepared, so that detailed design work can commence. We also find out about and check on the electrical engineering aspects of the existing equipment.


Mechanical, automation and electrics designers collaborate closely to design the facility in detail. The machinery is designed product by product in parallel with electrical drawings for all functions being produced and the control systems being programmed and configured.


As the designs and drawings are produced, suborders go out to Renholmen's partners and subcontractors within mechanical production, electrical equipment and equipment cabinets.


The completed machinery and electrical equipment is delivered to the installation site "just in time" for each phase of installation.


Renholmen's project and installation manager supervises work on site. Both mechanical and electrical installation are carried out by selected partners. Planning takes place in close collaboration with the customer in order to synchronise with their and other suppliers' commitments with regard to building and foundation work, any installation gaps as well as sprinkler systems and general lighting.


The commissioning process starts once all machinery is fully installed and connected to the electricity supply system. The first stage involves testing all functions without any timber, and then all procedures are gradually repeated, steadily increasing the quantity of timber.


Once the facility is in operation and has achieved an agreed capacity level, handover to the client takes place. The guarantee period begins from the date of handover.

Approved facility

The final step in Renholmen's delivery commitment is approval of the facility by the client. At this point the final inspection is complete and the facility fulfils the promised capacity and performance. In addition, the documentation has been handed over and the personnel have been trained.


Once the facility has been approved and is in full operation, Renholmen's role changes from that of supplier to service partner. In most cases we enter into a service contract with the customer, involving regular visits for inspection and servicing of the facility.


For Renholmen, feedback on experiences from our project activities is a vital ingredient in our constant improvement work. Continuous follow-up on implementation and results is conducted both during and after any project.