Electrical equipment

All electrical equipment components are specially engineered by our own electrical designers to meet the customer's specific needs. To support this work, we have a broad selection of tried-and-tested basic designs and automation products.

Equipment cabinets

Today's equipment cabinets are standardized to simplify design and installation and to ensure operational reliability.

Frequency converters

In principle, all of our operations are designed to use frequency converters as standard. Advantages include the ability to optimize each operation as required and to reduce electricity consumption. Only the simplest kinds of actuator do not use variable frequency drives.

Pulpets and Panels

Our pulpits and panels are always designed to make interaction with the operator simple. This applies both to the customized application and choice of manufacturer.


Our ready-to-use container solutions offer many advantages. The entire application is completed and tested before delivery. The ready-to-use container can then be located indoors or outdoors. No electrical cabinets need be located in production areas. Containers include everything from power distribution and frequency converters to PLC equipment. All that is located close to the timber processing equipment are the I/O boxes and pulpits as required.