Lumber turner Turbo Turner

Product description

The Turbo Turner lumber turner is used to turn a lumber piece during lateral transport, for example, between two camera towers. It can also be used as a conditional turner, for example ahead of a planer. The lumber turner receives a signal from an earlier application that informs in case the lumber piece arriving on a carrier is to be turned or not.

  • Patented solution
  • Simple and very safe handling of the lumber pieces.
  • Fast, careful handling.
  • Also functions as a conditional turner
  • Suited for use with all camera scanning systems that require timber pieces to be turned
  • High capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Reliable technology since 2003.

Function description

A timber turner rotates the timber pieces so that the flat side of the timber piece facing upwards is turned to face downwards. This is achieved by the turner, consisting of three pneumatic gripping tools mounted in a rotating head unit, gripping the end of the timber being transported on a carrier conveyor and turning the piece round in a bow-shaped, pacing movement forwards in the direction of transport, at the same time as the other end of the piece rests against the conveyor during the turn. The lumber piece remains in the same carrier division during the entire turn movement. The unit rotates with the carrier conveyor with the help of electronic synchronisation. The lumber can also pass without the turner touching the lumber if the lumber piece is not to be turned, for example when it is used as a conditional turner ahead of a planer.

Technical data

Capacity:  Max. 180 carriers/minute (depending on dimensions)
Drive:  Shaft mounted gear motor drive with electronic speed adjustment
Grip units: 3 x pneumatically controlled
Power transmission:  Electrical and pneumatic swivel
Product number: 2183

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