Two new employments expand the Marketing department


During the past year, Renholmen AB has received several major orders and is growing geographically. To maintain a high market and service level, two new employments have been created. Robert Olsson works as a Sales Representative on Spare parts and Erica Lång as the company's Communications Manager.

Renholmen AB is a national and internationally growing company. Last spring, the biggest deal was made in the company's history with Setra Hasselfors, where Renholmen will deliver processing equipment for almost SEK 200 million. The company is also growing in the Finnish market and is now also entering the Russian market
- When we have increased sales and expanding geographically, we can release resources with these new services, continue to provide our customers with good service and expand the market. Our ambition is to constantly grow and find competent staff for the company, says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen AB.

Grew up in the sawmill industry

Robert Olsson´s father has worked all his life in the sawmill industry. Sometimes he followed his father to the sawmills and his interest in the industry began to grow in his early years. Like his father, who eventually became Marketing Manager at Renholmen, he started by welding and assembling different products. At FeRex, which is adjacent to Renholmen's office, he has gone from coordinating Renholmen's project to be a measurement technician who controlled the products down to the hundreds. Recently, he was also a project manager for Renholmen's products and spare parts.
- I have always liked Renholmen and I feel at home in the company’s environment. Renholmen is at the forefront of the sawmill industry, and with my background I hope that I can contribute to further development for the company, says Robert Olsson.

New in the industry

For Erica Lång, the wood industry is brand new, but she has been working with communications in various forms for many years. Recently, she worked for seven years at Luleå University of Technology as a Communications manager.
What attracted her to apply for the new vacancy was that it is a completely new industry and the ability shape the new role in communications.
- Renholmen is a company with strong advances in the industry and has a driving force and a desire to develop. 
Earlier Erica Lång has worked as a reporter for various newspapers and radio stations, freelance and worked with video production in Stockholm.