Flap sorting and packet stacker for Norway


Moelven Våler is Norway's biggest sawmill and has a long history of collaboration with Renholmen. This is set to continue in summer when Renholmen installs and commissions a new packet stacker and a new flap sorting system for Moelven.

For Moelven Våler, this summer's investment is about dealing with the facility's obvious bottlenecks. The objective in the long term is to increase capacity, but over the next few years the focus will be avoiding overtime running.

"In recent years we have begun sawing more and more small-dimension saw timber, which increases the number of units. This means that our older machines are no longer up to the mark. When we invest we want to be confident that we have solutions that will last for at least 15 years. And we want a strong and stable partner like Renholmen. We have been working with them for 30 years now and it has always been a positive experience," says Anders Lindh, MD of Moelven Våler.

"The packet stacker with layer stacker and step feeder will significantly improve both capacity and availability for Våler. It's a great feeling that they have chosen Renholmen once again; we, of course, have a long history together," says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen.

At the same time Renholmen will also install and commission a new flap sorting system with 60 distribution stations at Moelven's Våler sawmill. The flap sorting system will sort and transport the timber to the appropriate bin in the bin section and will provide a higher level of availability.

"Compared with our earlier rail conveyor the flap sorting system offers almost double the capacity, while also being safer. It will make a real difference," says Anders Lindh.

Renholmen has previously supplied a sticker-stacker and a buffer elevator, among other equipment, for green sorting at Våler. Delivery and commissioning will take place over summer 2015.