The CEO summarizes 2018

This year has been incredibly exciting in many ways. We have made a record deal with Setra Hasselfors of approximately SEK 200 million, where we will deliver a completely new dry sorter planing line. It will be a exciting journey to do with the customer. At the moment, our Mechanical Designers and consultants are working with manufacturing drawings and parts of the machines are being manufactured.
We have also expanded our home market and deliver many of our machines to both old and new customers. We have taken a step into Russia where we work with a Russian-speaking agent. We have also participated in a Russian exhibition, which we hope will give results in the future.
During the year, we also expanded the number of staff to fill pension retirements and new roles. Last Autumn, we recruited a Communications Manager and a Sales Representative for spare parts, which are two brand new roles within the company. We are now continously interviewing for the six vacancies we advertised in November.
Three years ago, we were 33 employees at the company and hopefully we will be 44 in the beginning of next year. This has made our dining area too small and we have just completed a rebuilding, so we all can have coffee and lunch together.
Our strategy includes annual growth and next year we see great opportunities to continue our journey. The market is still good, and the inquiries increase each week, and as I mentioned earlier, we are also looking into new markets.
In order to meet our goals, everyone at the company has worked incredibly hard. Our staff is really one of the key factors for our success and with further recruitments, I'm sure we will even more successful.
Finally, I would like to thank everyone who participated in an incredibly interesting and developing 2018, and by 2019 I wish you all a year that exceeds our expectations!
//Per Jonsson