Manufacturing commenced in the record deal


Since September, Renholmen's mechanical designers and consultants have been working on the drawings for Setra Hasselfors new dry sorter planing line. Now the manufacturing of machine components has begun.

- In such a big deal, there are many things that needs to be planed and discussed along the way. We have a close dialogue with the customer and the work has progressed very well. It has been a good start to a large and extensive project, says Leif Pettersson, Project Manager at Renholmen.

Part of the total production

The delivery of lumber handling equipment to Setra's new dry sorter planing line is the largest in Renholmen's history. As a supplier, Renholmen is also involved in the overall production of how materials, such as laths, can be handled rationally with storage and transport back and forth from the machines.
- We focus on managing lumber in the facility, but in this project, the customer has realized how extremely important it is for the total production to create a smooth flow throughout the whole planning line, says Leif Pettersson.
The next step in the project is to complete all parts of the building, for example so the emergency exits meet the authorities requirements in case of fire.
- It's important to be involved in the planning of the building because the design of affects how we design the machines. We learn incredibly much being involved in these discussions and it is a knowledge we can bring to the next project, says Leif Pettersson.

News in the delivery

Of the hundreds of products delivered by Renholmen in this project, there are two news items. Electro Positioner and Trimmer ElectroSinus are two brand new machines, that together with an improved Flexicut make up a new full-electric cutting system with easy and accessible maintenance. The new cutting system provides precision in positioning and cutting as well as increased flow of timber.

Electro Positioner is used to variably position a timber piece within the module, e.g. prior to a following trimmer. With the aid of an Electro Positioner, it is possible to optimise where the cut will be made on the piece of timber.

Trimmer ElectroSinus is a high capacity product used for module cutting of timber with a completely new solution of the cutting motion with optimized control.
- This is the first time we deliver both our new machines in the same project and it will be interesting to see the machines in full production, says Leif Pettersson.
Construction and production are in progress until late autumn 2019, followed by assembly and commissioning. The planing line is expected to run with full capacity in the fall of 2020.
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