This year's first order - more efficient green sorting


33 years ago, Renholmen built a green sorting for Forssjö Mill in Katrineholm. Now an update will make it both faster and more efficient.

Sandåsa Forssjö is a family owned company that owns the saw- and planing mill Sandåsa Timber, in Åker outside Strängnäs. When Forssjö Bruk went bankrupt a few years ago, they acquired the saw mill in Forssjö. The facility has both a green sorting and a dry sorting built by Renholmen. The green sorting was built in 1986 and over the years, Renholmens Service Technicians have regularly maintained the machines with minor improvements and refurbishments.
For Renholmen, this year's first order was to supply the green sorting at Sandåsa Forssjö with a better intake via a new Buffer and Single Piece Feeder. The cutting system is also being developed with a twelve bin section, among other things, to be able to run center dimensions, which previously were only intended for lumber.
- Thanks to the order, we have approached a customer that we have not worked with so much with before. It is very nice to return to Forssjö after Sandåsa has taken over, says Hans Eriksson, Sales Representative at Renholmen.
The bin section will be delivered in the spring of 2019 and the intake during the summer.