Stenvalls invests in green sorting


Stenvalls Trä AB upgrades their green sorting with a camera- and cutting system in their manufacturing plant in Örarna. Renholmen AB delivers the mechanics.

- We are extremely grateful that we have renewed confidence from Stenvalls. It is a good customer and we have a good cooperation, says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager at Renholmen AB.
Stenvalls Trä AB is a family-owned company with roots in Sikfors, north of Sweden, since 1947. The company has manufacturing plants in Sikfors, Piteå, Luleå, Örarna and Seskarö, with a total of 199 employees.
The green sorting at Stenvalls Örarna will receive a camera system, an Electro Positioner, TriAx trimmer with chain conveyors and a roller conveyor after the single piece feeder. Some existing machines are included in the delivery. Machines for the intake will be moved from Lövholmen, where Stenvalls has a dry sorting plant that is not used, and will be rebuilt and supplemented with, for example, a roller conveyor.
- We deliver the lumber positioner, Electro positioner, to Örarna, which will be the first  we deliver. One machine has earlier been sold to Setra Hasselfors, but this one will be installed before theirs, says Bernt-Ove Andersson.
Previously, Renholmen has made many deliveries to Stenvalls Trä, for example to Stenvalls in Sikfors at the rebuilding of the dry sorting plant to camera sorting, which was also RemaSawco's first delivery of its inverted scanning system. Renholmen has also rebuilt the green sorting plant at Stenvalls Lövholmen, which is Setra's old sawmill. Hammar's dry sorting in Lövholmen is also remodeled by Renholmen with a new upper floor containing a camera system and cutting system, among other things, and most recently a Triple Stacker.