Experienced coordinator to the Hasselfors project


Equipment will soon be installed in Setra's new dry sorting in Hasselfors. The experienced Eero Heikkinen has been employed by Renholmen and will coordinate everything from installation to customer issues on site.

- With his 45 years in the sawmill industry, Eero Heikkinen has extensive experience and knowledge of equipment, coordination and running projects, so this feels really good. He will have control of every angle of incidence, which means that we can stay one step ahead, says Per Jonsson, CEO of Renholmen AB.

Eero Heikkinen has worked in the sawmill industry since he was sixteen years old. He started working on the loading and has since then held most positions, including site manager. For the last 20 years he worked as a production and maintenance manager at Kastet's sawmill in Gävle, which is owned by the Setra Group.
Previously, he has bought a lot of equipment from Renholmen as he built, for example, dry sorting, parts of the Sticker-Stacker and green sorting.

- This will be very exciting. Now I switch to other side of the table, and that means another responsibility. I will give everything I have, and I hope I have something to offer, says Eero Heikkinen.
He quit working at Kastet´s sawmill in March and planed for a quiet period of time. Then he was contacted by Renholmen's CEO Per Jonsson and project manager Leif Pettersson and received a job offer. He refused the job offer at that time but said he might feel different in the fall.

- I still have a lot to give and want to be active. I got a little curious and think this is going to be quite exciting. With my job I find technology, construction, production and projects most enjoyable and interesting, and my strongest card is that I am pretty good at getting things started in consultation with all committed employees and participants, he says.

His role in the Hasselfors project will be assembly manager/commissioner with coordination responsibility. He will be a link between Renholmen's project manager and the customer, and a support and a help on the project site from the start of assembly week 40 until the takeover of the plant, which is about a year away.