Machines in place at Hasselfors


In the middle of March, more than hundred machines are pre-assembled in Setra's dry sorting plant in Hasselfors. Now, the next step with commissioning and adjustment starts.

“We keep the planned schedule and there is a good atmosphere at the construction site”, says Leif Pettersson, Renholmen's project manager in Hasselfors.

At the end of the last year most of the machines were in place on the site and the rest were installed in the beginning of this year.
Now, staff from Renholmen are working in different rounds with mounting, adjustment of machines and commissioning.

The delivery includes new machines such as Electro Positions and Trimmer ElectroSinus. Also, a new model of Fork Lift Sticker Robot is included in the machine delivery. Renholmen also supplies the largest Chain Conveyor Emptying machine the company has ever distributed. For the first time it is fully electric. The machine is 16 meters high and 29 meters long and will handle 36 compartments

On-site is also the market's fastest and patented package stacker, the Triple Stacker, who builds packages in various sizes according to customer needs. These are then stacked on each other in different steps to facilitate subsequent truck handling. The fully automatic packaging machine, Auto packer, is also included in the packaging line.

In the future, there will be full focus on commissioning and adjustments. In the beginning of April, education for operating and maintenance personnel will be held and after that the operating personnel will start working in the plant. Test runs with timber will be initiated and gradually expand the production. The plant should be completed by the beginning of next year.

Setra's new dry sorting plant in Hasselfors has purchased machines and equipment for almost 200 million and Renholmen accounts for the absolute majority. The dry sorting plant gets the latest technology, which means that it is basically fully automated. Production is monitored by operators at operator sites.