Generational change at the top for Renholmen


Renholmen in Byske will have a new CEO from the start of the new financial year, when the role will be taken over by Per Jonsson, the current head of project management at Renholmen. Our present CEO Gunnar Marklund will be retiring in 2019. 

“It feels really exciting and inspiring. Renholmen is a well-managed, well-known and growing company and I am pleased and proud to be able to step in and keep things moving forward in the same positive spirit that has already made us a market leader. I feel real enthusiasm for the leadership role and entrepreneurship,” says Per Jonsson. 

Per worked for many years as a fitter and installation manager at Renholmen before changing profession and becoming self-employed. However, contact was maintained with Renholmen through his company Legosvets, one of Renholmen’s subcontractors. Per has also been involved in running companies within the timber industry, which required frequent collaboration with sawmills. In 2016, he returned to Renholmen in the role of head of project management, with responsibility for the project managers, the service technicians and the purchasing department, and he has created an efficient work flow through the organisation. 

“It feels great to know that Per will be the one in charge going forward,” says Gunnar Marklund. “He has sound knowledge of Renholmen’s products after having worked with them for 30 years, both internally and as an external partner. He has a broad range of expertise and great entrepreneurial spirit. I recruited him to his current post and I know that he is an ideal fit on all counts.”

Moving forward
Gunnar Marklund has worked at Renholmen since 1974 and has been CEO for just over 14 years. He will continue to serve as CEO until the end of April, i.e. the end of the financial year, and will subsequently be on hand to act as sounding board for the new CEO until his retirement in early 2019. 

“The overlap in management of the company will give us continuity, which is an excellent solution. Per will continue to run the company with the same positive outcome as we have seen over the past few years, and I am confident that it will only get better,” says Gunnar. 

“Renholmen is entering the coming financial year with an excellent order book. We have established ourselves in Finland, where we are now the strongest supplier of lumber-handling equipment. We are continuing to recruit new expertise and add to our resources. My role is to make the most of all the expertise that has been accumulated by Renholmen over the many years that Gunnar has been in charge, and to continue the development work, so that we can become even more efficient and remain at the top,” says Per. 

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Renholmen AB with its Head Office in Byske, Sweden, was founded in 1952 and is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of lumber-handling equipment for the sawmill and lumber-processing industry. With a long history of successful concepts, the company has completed over 1,200 deliveries since 1972 to customers all over the world, but primarily in and around the Nordic region. The company has a turnover in excess of SEK 100 million per year. Over the years Renholmen has acquired Eve maskiner, Smedbolaget, Hammars, Forslunds Maskin and Vitech. Renholmen currently has around 35 employees of its own within mechanical design, automation, project management, service, marketing, purchasing and administration.