Strong year for Renholmen 2017/18


For Renholmen, which manufactures lumber handling equipment, the 2017/18 operating year was very good with near record levels of turnover for the Byske based company.

“Turnover hit 128 million SEK and that is close to an all time high. We are just below our record year of 2011, when we turned over 130 million. As regards profit we will need to wait for the final figures, but we can state it is a strong result,” says Renholmen’s newly appointed CEO PerJonsson.

Success in the market has meant that Renholmen has also grown in personnel over the year with a lot of new employees both at the head office in Byske but also in central Norrland and in the south of Sweden.

“We have continued to develop our offer and expanded our range with several new products, such as Stick Inspector, Auto Packer, Trimmer ElectroSinus and Electro Positioner. We feel continued confidence from the industry with a high demand for our solutions, which really contribute to the efficiency of sawmills. The Swedish market is responsible for the biggest proportion of the turnover. We have had an unusually large amount of projects, which is fantastic. During the year we have also opened a project office in Finland, where we have planted our flag and taken a leading market position,” says Per Jonsson.

Renholmen goes into this operating year with high ambitions.

“We have a strong brand, which is known for high quality and reliability. We will maintain that. The high pressure will remain and we will need to employ more, competent personnel. The expansion in Finland continues and we have also started an investment in Russia, where we have opened a sales office. The Russian government is investing billions in modernising their forestry and sawmill industries, so it is a markets that will be important to Renholmen in the future”, says Per Jonsson.

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