Renholmen in record deal with Setra Hasselfors


Renholmen is to deliver the timber handling equipment to Setra’s new dry sorter planing line in Hasselfors. Machinery and equipment worth almost SEK 200 million have been purchased, with Renholmen responsible for the vast majority of it. The deal is the largest in Renholmen’s history and will streamline Setra’s production significantly.

“Getting to deliver a complete solution that is truly top of the line is a huge vote of confidence in us as a company. This is by far the largest deal in Renholmen’s history. It gives us an excellent foundation for the next few years and allows us to grow even more,” says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Renholmen’s Marketing Manager.

Setra Hasselfors is investing in a brand new high-capacity plant in the form of a dry sorter with integrated planing line for spruce construction timber. The new facility will produce 300,000 m3 of timber products every year, with planed products accounting for around two thirds.

“The new dry sorter planing line means that we can streamline our current operations significantly. This investment is entirely in line with Setra’s strategy to increase its share of processed products in order to meet a growing demand on the global construction market,” comments Jonas Fintling, Site Manager at Setra Hasselfors.

Industry-leading technology
The dry sorter planing line comes with the very latest technology, which means that the system is fully automated. The timber is taken in from the driers in stickered packets. It is then planed, quality assessed using camera technology, cut, marked and sorted at a rate of 3-4 boards per second. The plant is built with 36 flat bins, where various qualities and lengths of timber are sorted. Timber packets are then constructed to be strapped up and packaged for further transport to the end customer. The delivery from Renholmen includes a production line that consists of a hundred or so products with tried and tested technology, as well as a number of top-notch products, such as Electro Positioner and Trimmer ElectroSinus.

“It was Renholmen’s equipment layout that finally decided the issue in their favour. They successfully presented a solution in which the operator panels were assembled close to one another. This means that the people working in the plant have excellent opportunities to work together as a team. In this sense, Renholmen has done an excellent job,” says Jonas.

Design and manufacture will now continue until late autumn 2019, followed by assembly and commissioning. The equipment is expected to be running at the promised full capacity by autumn 2020.

“The fact that we landed this deal is proof that we remain at the absolute cutting edge of the industry in terms of technical know-how and our ability to manage projects of this magnitude. Although the project will be responsible for a large part of our turnover in the next few years, we will have the capacity to take on additional assignments. We see good opportunities to continue to grow along with this. It will also provide an excellent basis of work for our subcontractors, such as workshops and assembly companies. Many consultants will also be getting more work,” says Per Jonsson, Renholmen CEO.

For further information
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Marketing Manager Renholmen               
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Per Jonsson
CEO Renholmen
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Jonas Fintling
Site Manager Setra Hasselfors
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Renholmen AB, with its head office in Byske, Sweden, was founded in 1952 and is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of timber-handling equipment for the sawmill and timber-processing industry. With a long history of successful concepts, the company has completed over 1,200 deliveries since 1972 to customers all over the world, but primarily in and around the Nordic region. The company has a turnover in excess of SEK 120 million per year. Over the years Renholmen has acquired Eve maskiner, Smedbolaget, Hammars, Forslunds Maskin and Vitech. Renholmen currently has around 40 employees of its own within mechanical design, automation, project management, service, marketing, purchasing and administration. Renholmen is part of the Profura Group.